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We are a multidisciplinary close-knit team, present on the medical market since 2002, with experience in trading (marketing), installation and maintenance of medical imaging devices. We are a direct importer for renowned brands and we bring all over Europe new, high-performance technologies, for high accuracy and a better conduct of medical investigations.

About us and SternMED

Ultrasound Shops is an official distributor for STERNMED products in Romania. SternMed is a fast-growing medical device manufacturer, located in the south of Germany. The company was founded in 2011 with the idea of: ‘’High quality healthcare systems to be accessible worldwide, by focusing on developing and emerging countries’’.

SternMed’s team believes that ‘having access to a proper healthcare is the right of every humankind all over the world and – we make it possible.’

To bring this idea to reality, SternMed manufactures German engineered medical equipment and it is a solution provider for ‘’Turnkey Hospital project ‘’ by relying on a vast products portfolio including 3 different categories: Medical Imaging systems, OR solutions and Patient Care devices for ICU.

We, at Ultrasound Shops are authorised to sell the following:



Multidisciplinary ultrasound scanners, from the famous brands Philips, Samsung, GE, Siemens.


Advanced technologies

We provide customers with the most advanced technologies available at the moment


Innovative solution

We adapt to the needs  of our clients in order to offer the best services available on the market.


Dedicated team

  • Customer support set up
  • Young and motivated team
  • Competitive prices

Technical support

  • Product warranty
  • Approved technical support
  • Ultrasound revision and service

Customer support

  • Fast processing and delivery
  • Training for physicians
  • Customized solutions

UltrasoundSHOPS is present in the medical world throughout Europe

Ultrasounds that meet both the requirements of physicians and the needs of the patients

Our mission is to improve and increase the efficiency of the services we offer every day, providing physicians and hospitals with top medical equipment, so that the patients’ condition can be monitored accurately and easily

Philips Epiq 5

With Epiq 5 from Philips the exams are easy to perform, this ultrasound scanner offering new levels of clinical information.

GE Voluson E10

The Voluson E10 ultrasound scanner offers high performance with extraordinary images and fast information processing.

Samsung H60

H60 offers state-of-the-art technology for fast and accurate diagnosis procedures, with applications many medical fields.

Siemens NX2

The NX2 ultrasound scanner comes to support physicians with a wide range of applications and exceptional performance.

Ultrasound probes

Ultrasound probes, with ergonomic design, various applications, compatible with multidisciplinary ultrasounds.

Second-hand ultrasounds

In this section you will find the current offer of high-performance equipment, at fair prices, customized for your needs.

Multidisciplinary ultrasounds at another level


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