SternMed – Lumax 25


surgical LED light


  • Streamlining surfaces follow the “teardrop” shape from the international wind resistance standards.
  • Highly expressive with integrated aesthetic and technological factors effectively, to reduce turbulence and resistance of the light
  • Beam Shaper Technology
  • Independent Condenser Combination for each LED bulb, to control the LED light precisely, eliminate glare while ensuring maximum output by the double reflection system
  • Adjustable focus handle controls projection angle of LED light and adjusts facula size and optical Focal length easily
  • The light is stimulated by light-emitting diode, heavy metals free without pollution to environment
  • Universal 6-joint spring suspension system with full and accurate positioning without drifting
  • Bulb average life span is up to 50,000 hours or more
  • Great optical performance, the luminance ranges from 130,000~160,000 Lx easily
  • Long-life and stability circuit supports multi-level dimming
  • Optional build-in camera systems: arm-mounted and wall-mounted

  • Sternmed Lumax operating light systems avaialbe in Dual Dom, which is Lumax 25 and Single Dom as Lumax 15.