SternMed – Lumax 3&5


surgical LED light


  • High quality illumination level for each kind of surgery
  • Colour temperature of 4.500 °k which represents the contrast of the surgical area perfectly
  • Clear luminosity at 130.000 lux (160.000 lux optional)
  • Exceptional duration with low consumptions (75 w)
  • Colour rendering index of 95 (cri)
  • IR-free light without heat
  • Ergonomics for an extraordinary simplicity of use and easy positioning for the medical team
  • I-sense ® revolutionary control system for a simple, fast and precise management

Lumax 3 & 5 control panel All the functions of Lumax 3 & 5 are managed by the handy, digital and easy-to-read I- SENSE® control panel positioned on the cardanic structure and adjusting:

  • ON/OFF function
  • Light intensity
  • SIZE – Light spot diameter dimension (light beam focusing)
  • ENDO – Light for endoscopy
  • DOF – Depth of field – for a full visualization of the operating field
  • SYNC – Mode (optional) to synchronize controls among the combined lamps: LUMAX 5 double (twin dome configuration) and LUMAX 5 with LUMAX 3 . The SYNC mode grants simplicity of use , saving time and giving the possibility of being managed by a single operator.