SternMed – Macs 20


multi parameter patient monitor


  • 12.1” high resolution color TFT display with up to 5 or 9 traces
  • Easy operation and navigation through rotary knob
  • Standard parameters: ECG, RESP, SpO2, NIBP, PR and 2-ch Temp
  • 20 arrhythmia waveforms analysis & ST segment analysis (automatic or manual)
  • Up to 800 groups of parameter data & 24-hour ECG waveform storage and recall
  • Up to 480-hour graphic and tabular trends for all parameters
  • 7-channel ECG waveforms display simultaneously
  • 5 traces of real-time waveforms together with 2-hour trend graph can be viewed
  • Protection against interference from defibrillator and electrosurgical generator
  • Adult/Pediatric/Neonatal measurement modes
  • Compact flash back-up protects your patients’ data in case of a sudden power outage
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Networking capability
  • Built-in rechargeable battery


  • 12.1” display TFT Color LCD

  • Standard Configuration ECG, HR, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, PR, TEMP
  • ECG sweeping speed 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s
  • ECG auto gain control
  • Heart rate range 15-350bpm
  • Spo2 display SpO2 value & waveform pulse rate & histogram
  • Measurement Range of Pulse Rate 30-240 bpm
  • RESP Measurement Method Thoracic Impedance
  • RESP Measurement Range 0-100 bpm
  • TEMP Range 21.0-50.0°C
  • NIBP Measurement is Intelligent Oscillometric method
  • NIBP Unit Display 0-300 mmHg
  • Inflation Time <10s (typical adult cuff)
  • Deflation Time <2s (typical adult cuff)
  • Alarm setting customized upper & lower limits & auto saved
  • Rechargeable Li-Ionen Batteries