SternMed – Onex 102


electro-hydraulic surgery table


  • Special design of low position
  • Flexible and wide-angle adjusting can meet different requirements of surgical positions.
  • 4-section design to meet different requirements of surgical positions
  • Acentric structure with T-shape base. Convenient for using X-ray and C-arm
  • Stable hydraulic system with square column, high load-bearing and low movement noise
  • Detachable polyurethane pads, antipollution, anticorrosive and moisture-proof
  • Wire handset control with touch keypad, safety lock in 30 seconds to prevent faulty operation
  • Fast and solid assembling and disassembling with high quality pneumatic piestons
  • Stainless steel body structure
  • Backup battery supply (optional)


  • Control of the electro-hydraulic position with a cable handset
  • Max. Table length including head and leg plate 2100mm
  • Max. Table width (without side rails) 500mm
  • The lowest table height in the standard version is 690mm and in the low position version 550mm.
  • Trendelenburg sign/backward 25°/25°.
  • Lateral tilt (left/right) 20°/20°.
  • Max. Height of swivel cone 110mm
  • Head plate (top/bottom) 90°/90°
  • Back plate (top/bottom) 80°/12°
  • Leg plate (bottom/split) 10°/100°/100° x 2
  • Flex/Reflex 192°/100°
  • Load capacity max. 200kg