SternMed – Xenox S100


mammography system


  • Equipped with two red push-buttons on both sides of mammography unit for emergency stops
    V. generator with kV closed loop and line feed forward compensation

  • LATERAL CONTROL PANEL On preferred side of mammography unit

  • Microprocessor controlled technology with unique safety features

  • All functions under active operator control

  • Dedicated serial Port for Film ID Flasher or Dose Label Printer

  • Alarm messages In several languages selectable

  • Serial /USB port for Calibration and service laptop with dedicated software

  • Special features Last 1300 exposure memory

  • Tube Thermal Unit display and active protection

  • Technical display for self-test and defective block identification, firmware release, exposure counter and last exposure time/date

  • Statistics function like as average dose, amount of exposures for every kV value, amount of exposure

  • Diagnostic functions like as Selectable service functions on LCD Display for hardware testing of each specific board with input status display, single status display and ON/OFF function

  • Cassette Compatibility with all the most common models with window

  • Cassette Detector Switch With alarm in different languages to avoid double exposure or exposure without cassette

  • Top Cover Carbon fiber

  • Film Markers integrated with two ID labels wheels

  • Optional device for geometric magnification

  • Automatic exposure control

  • Auto parameters selection criteria selected in function of effective breast density evaluated by pre-exposure

  • Programmable with PC independently for all the operative techniques available

  • E.C. self test procedure included in control panel functions

  • Dose calculator

  • Iso-centric c-arm

  • Display of angle rotation on control panel and auxiliary display

  • Compression paddle movement motor driven or manual with fine adjustment by double rotating controller

  • Compression paddle descent speed proportionally decreasing compressing the breast and customizable according to three curves

  • Maximum Compression Force Safety Device

  • Compression paddle release after exposure selectable from control panel, automatic or manual for bidimensional biopsy

  • Auxiliary display position on basis of mammography unit indicating the information about compression force c-arm rotation angle compressed breast thickness

  • Foot-controls for motorized compression with two pedals and push-button control actions for vertical movement of compression paddle and motor driven compression unlock

  • Optional multifunction foot-controls with four pedals and one push-button control actions for vertical movement of c-arm, vertical movement of compression paddle, motor driven compression unlock



  • Generator Output Power 5 kW (@ 35 kV)
  • kV range 20/35 kV (20/40 kV optional)
  • kV resolution (Man & Auto mode) 0,5 kV
  • Lowest Current Time 1 mAs
  • mAs maximum value 640 mAs
  • mAs resolution (Automatic) 0,1 mAs
  • Exposure Time 02 / 9 s (Automatically selected in function of selected mAs)
  • Safety timer 10 s
  • Standard collimation plate 18×24 cm and Optional collimation plates 24×30 cm
  • Optional automatic collimator 18×24 cm/24×30 cm
  • Display GRAPHIC LCD Display 240×128 dots
  • POTTER-BUCKY Formats 18×24 cm (standard) 24×30 cm (optional)
  • GRID type linear, vibrating
  • Manual density control 11 steps 0 +/- 5
  • Film Screen combinations 13 programmable settings for film/screen use
  • E.C. short time stability measured over 10 exposures taken at 28 kV 50 mAs <3%
  • Vertical Movements motorized
  • Rotation (manual or optionally motorized)
  • +/- 15° Rotation (only with Iso-centric 3D)
  • Range of Vertical Movement (from Floor) 75 to 160 cm (travel of 85 cm)
  • Range of C-Arm Rotation +/-180°
  • CW, CCW continuous motorization (optional)
  • Speed of C-Arm Rotation in motorized version 90°/8 s with acceleration and deceleration ramp
  • Standard Compression Paddle 18×24 cm shifted for normal breasts
  • Optional Compression Paddles 24×30 cm shifted for large breasts
  • Compression paddle holder fast mechanical unlock
  • Compression force adjustable from 70 to 200 N